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The Future of Cars in Egypt and the World!

We in Brilliance Bavarian Auto have an ambitious and industry-focused team who play a vital role in the day-to-day activities in growing the brand around the world.

Who we are
We bring value innovation and growth to your business

In 2005 Brilliance Auto and Bavarian Auto Group established their groundbreaking partnership to assemble Brilliance's top end galena luxury saloon in Egypt by signing official agreement at great hallof the peaple, Beijing,China.

In March 2006 the first Galena 2.0L came off the production line same production line as BMWfrom Bavarian Auto Manufacturing Co. in 6th od October.

Starting May 2006, the Galena 2.0L was available from Bavarian Auto Group through its specially established selected dealer network, which incorporate some of the biggest names in the Egyptian automotive sector.

In 2007 Brilliance Auto with Bavarian Auto Group launched two new models in the Egyptian market, Splendor 1.6L and Jinbi Microbus.

In 2008 FRV Hatchback was launced in the Egyptian market.

In 2009 Cross hatchback was launced,and it was pionner for the Crossover segment in the Egyptian automotive market.

in 2011 Brilliance Bavarian Auto was established to start a new era in the Egyptian automotive market and launched H530 Sedan and Jinbei H2 Microbus.

Our mission
Create distinguisted chinese brand

All the trust placed in Brilliance brand was not a coincidence,as we believe that providing vehicles really represent how far do we care about our reputation in the Egyptian automotive market only makes us really care about every single detail in everyhing starting with our safety features that we insist to provide all the time, to the payment facilities, and of course the after sales services the thing that set us apart in the automotive field since we began.


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